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What lessons can we learn from Chris Froome’s success?

With all of the talk about the Royal baby this week, it seems a shame that the fantastic achievements of Chris Froome last Sunday have been pushed to the back burner.  Chris is the second British cyclist in the last two years to win the Tour De France under the amazing leadership of Sir David Brailsford at team Sky.


I read with awe the news articles on the amazing achievements of Chris who by the age of 28 won his first ‘Tour De France’.



Chris Froome, to quote BBC Sports, throughout his life has shown the same Iron will and relentless determination to succeed that helped him through the high mountains of the Alps and Pyranees over the past few weeks and triumph in the toughest and most famous bike race in the world.

Chris started cycling at the age of 11, his first bike was borrowed from his primary school teacher.

Chris watched his first Tour De France at 17 and by the age of 28 won it, in its Centenary Year, the first cyclist to win a Tour De France following the Lance Armstrong doping revelations.  He gave up studying for his economics degree after two years to focus on his cycling and pursue his dream.

In 2008 at the age of 23 Chris undertook his first ‘Tour’, the same year he lost his mother to Cancer.  She would never see him ride in the greatest cycle race in the world.  He dedicated his win to her in his speech stating, “Without her encouragement to follow my dreams, I’d probably be at home watching this event on TV“.

David Kinjah the man who introduced Chris Froome to road cycling said “He always wanted to go further.  He wanted to discover his own world”.

Chris’ Fiancée said “He was always the guy who wanted to get across to Europe and do the Grand Tours like the Tour de France.  A lot of the people he was competing against thought it was a pipe dream and he always thought he could make it.  He used to grow his own bean sprouts because he had read they were good for recovery and he would try all sorts of things”.

What have I taken from reading these articles?

I admire the passion and belief in Chris’ goal, he was absolutely clear about what
he wanted
He demonstrated desire, willpower and determination to achieve his goal
He pushed himself further than was required and made difficult decisions
He recovered quickly from the knockbacks and pushed on, always focusing on the
end goal
His resilience

In addition to having a strategy to achieve a goal  I consistently find that belief, desire, determination and will power to quickly overcome knockbacks are some of the key ingredients to realising a goal.

I often come across colleagues or clients who share an aspiration and yet set nothing in place to ensure they achieve it.  Suggesting it will come right one day having often got distracted and influenced by other factors that take their focus away from what they want.

If you were to take Chris’ story and apply the elements that guaranteed his success, imagine what you could achieve.

Imagine a goal that you would love to achieve in your life; a goal you are so passionate about you are willing to face whatever life throws at you, because you have the drive, belief, determination and resilience to achieve it.

Your goal

Consider what your goal means to you.
What is it about your goal that is so important to you?
What will it give you?
How will it make you feel?
How will the result benefit you and perhaps those close to you?

Your strategy

What is your strategy to help you achieve your goal?
How will you know you are on track?
What is your strategy when you face a barrier?
What are you going to say to yourself when you face a distraction to ensure you stay on track?
What actions will you take to ensure you stay focused on your goal?
How will you celebrate achieving your goal and imagine celebrating that now!

Good luck and Carpe Vita!

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